"Big Red Car" is the 1995 and third video of the Wiggles. This is the first appearance of the Big Red Car and Wags the Dog. my mom to sgin up for the wggiles big red car love feirnd julie halfen

The video features 15 songs such as "Can You Point Your Fingers And Do The Twist?", "Wags the Dog", "I'm a Cow", "Hat On My Head", "Dorothy's Dance Party" and "Big Red Car".and suepcal suerpsie for you love fernd julie halfen

For the first Big Red Car, Jeff drove the Big Red Car first and then later Greg drove in a real car. This car that they had was made out of cardboard and even the Wiggles Friends fitted in there. Later on each Wiggle had a specific coloured seat, with Greg in the yellow drivers seat, Anthony in the blue front passenger seat, Jeff in the purple seat behind the driver (Greg), and Murray in the red seat behind the front passenger (Anthony).

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Love Julie

==Gallery== Murray I ❤You Because I Love The Red Wiggle

Love Jimmy